Retail is a lively industry that’s never short on job openings. Whether you want to stock, run a cash register or become a star sales associate, retail stores have a lot to offer hourly workers.

We’ve compiled this list of the three best retail stores to work for. Not only do they treat their workers like human beings, but they also offer competitive pay and wow-worthy benefits.


Costco is known for not just treating its employees very well, but for paying them well, too. As a part-time worker, you can expect to earn $13 starting out, with average pay in the $15/hour range for cashiers.

As far as benefits, you’ll need to work at Costco for a set period of time before you qualify. For full-timers it’s 90 days and for part-timers it’s 180 days.

Once you’ve been on the team for a set period of time, you’ll get to enjoy tons of great benefits at this retail job. Costco includes medical, dental and vision insurance for its full-time and part-time employees. You’ll also have access to the Costco Care Network, where you can access free counseling.

You also get access to disability insurance, life insurance, a stock purchase plan and daycare assistance. The list goes on!

Old Navy

Old Navy is actually owned by Gap, which means sales associates get access to a ton of perks and benefits. The great news is that you also get a 50% discount at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. If you want to stock up on quality clothes at a steal, get a job at Old Navy, for sure.

But you won’t just enjoy 50% off cargo pants. Old Navy values work-life balance and stability, which is why you’ll never be on-call at this store. You’ll know your schedule at least 10-14 days ahead of schedule, giving you plenty of time to plan life around work.

You’ll also get access to benefits like PTO, tuition reimbursement and wellness programs. Oh, and if you donate time or money to a local charity, Old Navy will match your donation, too.

Trader Joe’s

Famous for its Hawaiian-themed decor, Trader Joe’s oozes happiness. That’s because this grocery chain’s employees are treated very well.

Pay averages $10 - $24/hour at Trader Joe’s. After working at the store for three months, you’re eligible for tons of benefits, too. That includes dental, vision, medical and a retirement plan.

If you’re a top performer, Trader Joe’s has zero problems promoting you to leadership positions. This retail store invests in your personal growth. Get a fun work environment, a path to growth and killer benefits at Trader Joe’s.

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