Resumes for hourly positions are usually much shorter which means that it’s quite easy to draw attention to negative information. Sticking to short sentences, top skills, and prior experience is a key to making your “about me” receive the needed attention. Whenever you are writing a new resume for hourly employment or changing the existing one, here are a few things to leave out.

  1. Just an adjective.

“Hardworking”, “Friendly”, “Dependable”. All of those words are great when used in a sentence, not by itself when asked to describe yourself in the “about me” section. Write concise, but complete description of yourself in a job environment. This will win you more points prior to the interview.

2. Missing punctuation.

Regardless of the position you are applying for, putting everything in a single sentence without proper punctuation is considered a negative impression. Use an online spell checker or write your sentence in software like Word, prior to submitting it to potential employer.

3. Too much about your hobbies.

Some personal information helps managers to put a personality to your resume, but you should not go overboard. For some positions, it’s best to leave this out completely. However, if you feel like its relevant to the job you are applying for, its good to write a few words but keep it short.

When writing a resume for hourly positions, you are completing with hundreds of candidates. Avoiding the mistakes above, will help you move to the next stage during the first impression. Fill out the candidate profile on Interviewy sticking to these rules and see how quickly you will get to interview stage for your next job opportunity.