Working at the restaurant is not an easy task; those who never worked or owned a restaurant may not always understand how much effort it takes to make the meal a good experience. Keeping high standards, greeting customers with a smile, and preparing anything from food to an environment is a job for hard working individuals. Here are the three tips on how to start working in a restaurant if you have never done this before.

1. Get to know restaurant / brand culture.

Every restaurant, from small to large, has a great amount of culture inside that determines not only the values of the business, but also how the service team operates on daily basis. Getting to know what matters is a key to successful start at your position, regardless if you are a crew member or a general manager. Talk to people, do some research online, ask managers and owners to give you their perspective of successful restaurant and you would definitely stand out as an employee.

2. Don't hide your sense of humor.

Any profession that deals with customers on daily basis is stressful. Keeping the stress levels under control is not an easy task, but the sense of humor can definitely help you. Don't be afraid to laugh and joke not only with your colleagues, but the customers. It puts the smile on your face and theirs. Now that is something everyone likes. Keep it reasonable though, not everyone is ready to take a joke at that specific moment.

3. Offer your help to others

Helping each other is a key to a friendly team, but there is something else behind this simple gesture. By taking responsibility and helping an employee you display your leadership and problem-solving abilities, which will definitely be noticed in a restaurant environment. Making this a daily habit would give you an upper hand when it’s time for promotions and you will get from crew member to manager at no time. Believe us, we have been there ;)

Practice the tips above and you will be a rock star at your new restaurant job. Some of the great brands are already hiring on Interviewy, so check out a list of open positions and use our tips to help you land a job faster than ever before and most importantly - be happy.